We provide many styles and colors from the top manufacturers. Colors and grades to perfectly meet you style and performance requirements. Commercial styles and colors are also available for common hallways, club houses etc.


With a broad range of sheet goods and vinyl composite tile, Falcon inventories a broad range of styles and colors to meet most every need and application.

Luxury Vinyl Planks

As a growing segment within multi-family housing we have developed a strong team of people to assess your needs and provide the appropriate product for your application. Our highly trained installers have the experience and expertise to produce the desired result.

Ceramic and Hardwoods

As your environment requires higher end surfaces, we are there with the right products and people to deliver the outcome you desire.



Our installers understand our standard of performance. Many of them are experts in multiple flooring types. In most situations a single crew is capable of installing all that is required in any given unit in the same day. Market ready units will become available faster.


When on-site our installers are available to perform any number of complimentary repairs regardless of surface type.


Every unit installed receives a complimentary disinfectant treatment. Our enzyme based solution proves extremely effective in eliminating most odors.

Floor Sealing

In rare situations, disinfectants are not enough. Providing you have the material, our installers will perform a complimentary floor seal. They will wait on-site for the paint to dry and then finish the job!


Floors will be vacuumed to perfection. Our installers will vacuum themselves down and out of common hallways. Counter tops will be wiped off and vinyl areas swept. Doors re-hung and any marks on walls or baseboards will be removed. Give us a market ready unit and we will give one back. Are you impressed yet?

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