Our Difference: Home Town Presence

As Indiana's largest provider of floor covering for multi-family housing, we have the service and support staff to provide 24/7/365 responsiveness to all of you flooring needs.

The Owner Factor

As a single location family owned business, little is taken for granted and even fewer things are left to chance. It is understood that our capacity does not include the ability to cure cancer or solve world hunger. However, the passion and seriousness by which we run this business is without compromise. Just ask our customers.

Our Installers

Philosophically speaking we first find good people. From that pool filter down to good people who are excellent installers or who have the capacity for excellence. Obviously good people find it easier to do good things. We treat them with respect and provide them a non-dysfunctional environment. Be believe in trust, but also believe in verification. We empower them to make good decisions and spend the necessary time for them to understand what to do, and also why. The care we show for the installers makes it easy for them to care for you the customer.

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